About Us

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Ks and Miles had been an idea for 3 years prior to the year it was established, i.e. at the end of 2018 by Pertunia Kotsokoane. The core idea was to provide total cost of ownership in ICT Security and Networking Solutions to both the Private and Public Sector. Since inception, the company has been growing from day to day with our key focus in ICT Security and Structured cabling solutions, racking systems, purpose-built electronic enclosures and complementary infrastructure products for telecommunications and data infrastructure solutions.

Our solutions architecture and product designs are in accordance with international standards and the highest performance levels available enabling current and foreseeable requirements to be met, and exceeded wherever possible. Ks and Miles range of skill and high-quality products combined with the company’s commitment to service excellence, places us at the forefront in our field.

As a 100% Black woman owned business, we take pride in the fact that we empower other likeminded businesses through partnerships and joint ventures.


To partner with our clients and provide them with a cost effective security and network implementation that ensure adequate return on investment and business sustainability.


  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Customer-Centric focus
  • Efficacy
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency and Innovation
  • Proactive

Solution development and architecture – For a successful business performance

Developing effective and efficient IT systems is key to successful business performance. With the right skills in our team, ICT managers can leverage Ks and Miles to make a real difference to the development of a stable and secure network system within an organization, both public and private sector.

With a modular approach, our team’s structure supports enterprise solutions architecture, with an industry and international benchmark of skills and experience.


A solid network infrastructure is critical in today’s business environment. Ntaitsho Consulting has extensive experience in the delivery of valuable ICT Networking Services, including the design, implementation, and support of both hard-wired and wireless networks.

What we offer is not just a once-off network solution; we provide the support and professional advice to structure a scalable and flexible network that will meet your current and future needs, from cabling infrastructure to monitoring and maintenance solutions. We know what will work for your business and can bring together leading edge hardware and cabling solutions to implement networking systems that will improve the efficiency of your entire system.

Ks and Miles will help develop a sound initial network design that takes into consideration both short and long-term needs in order to assure a cost-effective system that can be easily and inexpensively scalable. Selection of cabling, topology, network operating system, gateways, routers, switches/hubs, file server hardware, network cards, and network application software appropriate to the environment can mean the difference in a successful network that operates smoothly and efficiently, or one that is slow and difficult to use.